It is with great pride that we would like to inform you that Turbulence Aviation Skis division is joining forces with Puddlejumper Floats.
Turbulence will continue to be involved in the process and continue to offer the same high quality product.

We designed an aluminum body for a better aerodynamic and reduced weight. The prototype ski passed compression testing up to 4000 lbs right on pedestal.
With both ends supported (21” between supports), it flex 1/4” when 3000 lbs pressure is applied at mounting pedestal. This means the skis will absorb shock from bumps. The skis mount on the main wheel axles using Turbulence pedestal design. To ensure excellent handling on ice, there are replaceable steel v-blades integrated into the base of all three skis.

Prix sur demande
Length: 60 inches.
Width: 12”.
Weight: 10 lbs.
Tested: 4000 lbs On pedestal.
            3000 lbs On a 21” apart supports.
Recommended for:
Airplane up to 1150 lbs Gross.
Model: SK6012S (Nose & Main skis included).